Kuta Beach, Bali, which is known for the beauty of its white sand, now tainted with a lot of garbage such as fast food waste, cigarette butts, cardboard, plastic, and bottles and cans.

This is due to the bad weather that hit this well-known place in recent days. The garbage was brought to the beach by ocean waves.

The litter is not only consisting of plant, waste plastic, and cans, but it is also in the form of large logs. Kuta beach looks very dirty now.

As a result, the tourists who were vacationing in Kuta Beach annoyed. "Yeah, I am worried to walk there because my legs could be hurt by sharp materials or other trashes," said Irma, a tourist from Jakarta, Monday (21/01/2013)

With the number of garbage around, the beach is also full of scavengers who would like to earn a fortune. They look plastic and bottles that can be resold. Within a day, they gather at least 3 sacks for sale to collectors.

To clean the beach of trash, the Coast Guard and Department of Hygiene Badung uses heavy equipment. However, due to the amount of trash here, the cleaning process can not run fast.