Head of Data Information and Public Relations of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho denied a rumor stating the great flood will hit Jakarta on Wednesday (16/01/2013) morning.

The issue is circulating through the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). In the message mentioned that the Capital Jakarta will experience flooding on Wednesday morning due to the opening of the sluice weir Katulampa on Tuesday (15/01/2013) afternoon which unable to withstand the increasing volume of water. The message also states that flooding will happen on Wednesday is the biggest flood in Indonesia.

Sutopo confirmed the water level in the dam of Katulampa on Tuesday until 20:00 pm at the height of 130 centimeters.

"That is hoax, it’s not true. We noted that there are about 50 villages were affected by floods. But, regarding Jakarta could become a great sea tomorrow morning, it’s not true," said Sutopo quoted from Kompas.com, on Tuesday night. Sutopo asked the people not to believe the issue and not to pass it on.

The rain which flushed Jakarta for a day created a number of places under water. In the area of Kampung Pulo and Gang Arus, East Jakarta, the water soaking settlements around three meters. The panic also occurs following a number of information circulating in the community that the water transfers from Bogor region will peak at 04.00 pm, on Wednesday.

Until this article was posted, the rain which flushed Jakarta has begun to subside. However, the water levels at Ciliwung River are still overflowing to settlements and roads, forcing thousands of residents have been displaced and trigger traffic density.