JakartaBali.com — An expert from Institute Technology of Surabaya, Dr Amien Widodo said that the Jakarta’s Governor, Jokowi plans to build multi purpose tunnels are not a good solution to the flooding in Jakarta.

"The plan will fail. This is because the important factor that can not be overcome, that is sedimentation in the river caused by the habit of littering, even tunnel can be will bring new problems," said Chairman of the Center for the Study of Earth, Disasters and Climate Change Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) told ANTARA News, Thursday (24/1).

He explained his reason when he was asked about solutions to address flooding in Jakarta that have occurred since January 15, 2013 until January 23, caused 20 deaths and 45,954 people evacuated, although floodwaters have receded.

According to Amien Widodo, there is a good lesson from the ongoing flooding in Jakarta. However, the solution is difficult to find.

"Based on the observations, at least there are some major problems related to bad public behavior, i.e. the change in use land in the watershed in the Pangrango Mountain top region, which was originally forest but eventually converted into residential areas," he said.

It causes no rain water that seeped, but everything flows into flood water that erodes the soil and creates a shallow river.

"Another problem is that many people living on the banks of the river, so that the width of the river will continue to narrow," he said.

Besides that, the main problem related to people’s habits, littering the Ciliwung River.

Therefore, the solution to the problem is to address how the rain water can seep and rainwater does not flow directly into the river.

"Then, how to stop people living on the banks of the river, so the river width will not become smaller, as well as how to keep out the river from waste," he said.

However, he said, the solution is not easy, due to the people who behave badly composed of many backgrounds. They may be a public officer, a conglomerate, educated or uneducated people.