A fire occurred at the Hotel Sultan, Jakarta, Friday (18/01/2013) morning. Dozens of fire fighters engines were dispatched to the location of the hotel which is in the heart of Jakarta. Currently there are 13 Damkar cars from South Jakarta Fire Department and four from Central Jakarta, as well as three ambulance units.

Based on the observation at the scene, thick black smoke billowing from the 1st and 2nd floor on the side of the building overlooking the bridge clover. However, based on the explanation by Damkar officer in charge, there has not find out yet the cause of the fire.

Until this news was aired, the process of finding the cause of the fire is still in progress. Thick smoke in the building complicate the process of handling the fire. Officers have set up an oxygen tank to breathe in the smoke. “This oxygen tank help us breathing inside the smoke,” said said, one of firefighter who was setting up an oxygen tank.