The Indonesian government has been urged to immediately move the capital city, following the massive floods that hit Jakarta, to a safer place like Kalimantan.

The head of Team Vision Indonesia 2033, Andrinof Chaniago revealed the conditions that flooding has been into the presidential palace. Therefore, there is no reason for the government retaining the capital city Jakarta.

“Apart from Malaysia who has transferred capital to Putra Negara, 19 other countries have moved their capital city. Including America and Australia,” said Mr. Chaniago in front of journalists on Thursday (01/17/2013).

Chaniago said at least six main reasons for relocating Jakarta to Kalimantan. It is more effective to realize a prosperous Indonesia justice, with a growing economy in a sustainable manner.

Second, it will develop a new approach epicenter disadvantaged areas and suburbs. In addition, compared to other areas, Kalimantan is the only island that never hit by an earthquake.

Third, there are opportunity for restructuring of Jakarta and other big cities in Java.

Fourth, in order to try to stop the paradox of development that has been attempted solved by partial programs, such as resettlement, development of underdeveloped areas, the development of eastern Indonesia that proved to fail to create a just and equitable development.

Fifth is protecting the agricultural land in Java. This is due to the high fertility rate among the regions in Indonesia.

And finally, to prevent social shocks such as happened in 1998.

On the other hand, he added, the threat of inevitable to Jakarta that is difficult to be maintained as an administrative capital, i.e. natural hazards and climate change, urbanization until the issue of social inequality are higher.

In this case, he said, the transfer of the capital to a nearby area of Jakarta will not be a solution at all.

Chaniago said Jakarta had failed so far to play to the role and responsibilities as a government capital. In this case, Jakarta has failed to perform spatial planning, natural resources and the environment, and also failure in the control population and urban transport.

“If capital city can be moved to Kalimantan then the benefits are not only for the revitalization of Jakarta, but the overall Java,” he said.

According to Andrinof, the cost of transferring the capital city to Kalimantan would not too expensive. Government can save about 1 percent of the state budget for 10 years.

“One percent of the budget is large enough, i.e. Rp 15 trillion times 10, which is enough to build a new capital,” he concluded.