JakartaBali.com — Jakarta’s Governor, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Vice Governor, Tjahja Basuki Purnama (Ahok), were considered able to provide optimism and hope to the people of Jakarta and surrounding towns in the state of repair.

"Actually, judging from the 100 days, there is no physical change (the city) are visible. Indeed too early to see it. But at least the style of leadership, Jokowi gives hope to residents, that there will be a change," said City Planning Observer Yayat Supriatna in Jakarta, Thursday (24/1).

Not only that, he said, with limitations such as budget, they were able to surprise. "Actually, the most prominent is the style of their leadership that would close with the residents. This break down the perception that the head of the region are difficult to meet," he said.

He said, with the hugh support of citizen, Jokowi and Ahok were able to change the thinking about the amount of budget to parliament in Jakarta. "Parliament now even raise budget of Rp38 trillion to Rp39 trillion. Parliament be changed completely and support them," said Yayat.

Nevertheless, he says, is unfair to assess Jokowi’s and Ahok’s work in a very short time. If it should be evaluated, at least after a year’s time since they served the Governor and Deputy Governor of Jakarta. Once there is an accountability report from the head area, so that could be seen for what the money is being used.

Yayat added, the success of the plan physical program administration, such as the series on the river bank villages, should also be supported by the citizens of Jakarta. Without support, the programs will be launched not change the face of Jakarta. "To realize the need to support citizens and heads of relevant agencies. Do it all depends also on the governor," he said.