Lion Air has ordered 234 Airbus aircraft. With the new aircraft, Lion Air will expand its operations into two countries in the Asia Pacific region next year.

"Our target is the Asia Pacific region. The choice of these countries has not been determined. But in 2014, we are targeting expansion in the two countries," said President Director of Lion Air, Rusdi Kirana at the Hotel Sofitel, Paris, France, on Monday (18/3/2013 ).

The expansion plan is supported by the arrival of six Airbus aircraft in July 2014. The plane was part of 234 aircraft worth U.S. $ 24 billion were purchased by Lion Air. The Airbus aircraft will be shipped from July 2014 to 2026.

"Wherever there is an opportunity, we would like to explore the chance," he said.

Previously, Lion Air and the National Aerospace and Defense Industries has established Malindo Airlines, which operates in Malaysia. In the joint venture, Lion Air has a 49% stake.

Rusdi said that the expansion of the company in two ways: create a new airline in the country by forming a joint venture (JV) or buy an existing airline in the country.

"We will focus abroad," he said.