French aircraft manufacturer, Airbus reportedly getting aircraft orders worth U.S. $ 20 billion, equivalent to Rp 194 trillion at current exchange rates, from the low-cost airline carrier in Indonesia, PT Lion Mentari Airlines (Lion Air).

According to sources, as quoted by Reuters, the deal will be announced on Monday (18/3) in a ceremony attended by French President Franciois Hollande.

Hollande reportedly will meet Chief Executive Fabrice Bregier Airbus Chief to celebrate "the big industrial deal," without giving further details.

Purchase of Airbus aircraft is estimated to equal the record before buying the Lion Air Boeing 230 were bought in late 2011 as the arrival of President Barack Obama.

At that time, Lion bought 230 units of Boeing aircraft worth U.S. $ 21.7 billion. This has sparked claims of Europe if there is political pressure from Washington, though later denied by the Boeing.

The sources said that the planes ordered by Lion Air are the latest type which are single-aisle passenger planes, Airbus A320. The number of units purchased up to 234 planes.

Southeast Asia was judged to have emerged as one of the most fertile markets for medium range jet aircraft built by Airbus and Boeing. It was due to increases in income and middle-class influence the growth of air traffic.

A total of 17 thousand islands in Indonesia and a relatively strong economy despite financial crisis hit Europe, making Indonesia the largest archipelagic country that became a magnet for world aircraft manufacturers.