Approximately 23,000 personnel of City Police will be prepared to secure the International Labor Day that will be held by hundreds of thousands of workers in the Jakarta area.

"Our personnel which are assigned to the field consist of the regional polices, police resorts, and police sectors. TNI will also be involved," said Metro Jaya police chief, Inspector General Putut Bayuseno Eko, after welcoming Minister of Women, Linda Agum Gumelar, on the talk show "Violence Against Women and Children "in the Central Jakarta Police said on Monday (29/4) morning.

In order to commemorate International Labor Day, thousands of workers in Jakarta and surrounding areas will held a celebration or activity, which is often known as May Day on May 1st. Police officers will be assigned to provide security, traffic control, and escort.

Some areas will be secured covering the streets in Sudirman, Thamrin, and the main road leading to the state palace. These pathways commonly used by protesters. In addition, security will also be conducted at the capitol.